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Split and join files with amazing ease



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Files size is oftentimes one of the biggest problems that can stop you from sending files to your friends on an email or uploading them onto your FTP server.

With Split Files this will no longer be an issue, as the program is a great option for dividing files into as many parts as you need.

Split Files can be used in one of two different ways, either by dividing files into as many parts as needed, or by dividing a file into pieces that or a specific, predetermined size.

Plus, the program also comes with an extremely easy to use interface which makes it accessible to all kinds of users. Great for when you want to divide a file into smaller pieces, or when you want to join them back together.

As if this wasn’t enough already, it does not requires installation so it won’t add any registry entries and will be very easy to get rid of at any time.
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